Get Walmart Gift Card Balance Online

Walmart gift cardholders can access their gift card balances conveniently over the Internet. There is a page, on the Walmart website, where such Walmart gift cardholders can instantly check their gift card balances. That is also where the Walmart gift cardholders can activate newly acquired Walmart gift cards, or reload funds onto existing Walmart gift cards.

An overview of Walmart gift card online balance checking

Walmart offers a wide variety of gift cards to its owners. These are gift cards that can be loaded with funds, and which can be used to shop in Walmart stores. If you want to gift someone — say a loved one on their birthday, anniversary, wedding or some other event — you can opt to send them a Walmart gift card. That is a card which would enable them to buy for themselves whatever they want in a Walmart outlet. If, on the other hand, you receive a Walmart gift card, there is a possibility that you may not spend the money in it all at once. And having spent the money in the gift card partially, that would create the need for you to check the balance on it the next time you want to use the card. Or if you want to reload a Walmart gift card, you will probably want to check the balance on it, in order to decide how much money to add. All these are examples of instances where Walmart gift card balance checking would be necessary. And in all those situations, you can just go to the Walmart website, and in less than a minute, get to see what the balance on your Walmart gift card is.

What you need to have, in order to check your Walmart gift card balance online

To check your Walmart gift card balance online, you need to have the card with you. That is because you will be asked to enter the card number (the 16 digits of it), and the card PIN. Both are details obtainable from the Walmart gift card. You also, of course, need to be connected to the Internet, to check Walmart gift card balance online.

Where you need to go, in order to check your Walmart gift card balance online

To check your Walmart Gift card balance online, go to the Walmart gift cards page, on the Walmart website. The address/URL to the said Walmart gift cards page is given below, in the ‘useful links’ section.

How to go about checking your Walmart gift card balance online

Once you are on the Walmart gift cards page, on the left hand sidebar, you will see a section titled ‘manage gift cards. ’ Within that section is a link labeled ‘check gift card balance’ — click on that link. Doing so will take you to a page where you will need to enter the 16-digit Walmart gift card number, and the Walmart gift card PIN, alongside a captcha code – and then click on the ‘Get card balance’ button.

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