Create a Pandora Account to Enjoy Music Online

The Pandora online music recommendation service has been termed as one of the most revolutionary web-based services of all time. What Pandora does is to automatically create playlists for you, once you tell it about the type of music you prefer. The ultimate result is a situation where every Pandora user can end up with a ‘personalized radio station’, continuously playing only the type(s) of music he or she prefers. And being a web-based service, it means that the users of Pandora can access their playlists/personalized radio stations wherever and whenever.

An overview of the Pandora service

The Pandora service makes it possible for users to automatically create playlists, save the said playlists and access them whenever and wherever they wish to enjoy the music. Pandora is a much more sophisticated service than it seems at first glance. You come to appreciate this once you realize that, the moment you enter a single song that you like, Pandora is able to use its complex algorithms, to automatically create a playlist of other songs you are likely to find enjoyable! The resultant playlists can then be saved, to create a ‘personalized radio station’ which only plays the type of music you like.

What you need to have, in order to use the Pandora service

The Pandora service has had some licensing issues, which have forced it (for now) to restrict its services to the USA, New Zealand and Australia. This means that to use the service, you have to be in one of the above countries. Then you need to have a reasonably fast Internet connection: an Internet connection capable of facilitating music playback. Like most other online services, the Pandora service is signed up for using an email account: so you therefore need such an email account (any email account), to create a Pandora account.

Where to go, to start using the Pandora service

To start using the Pandora service, launch your browser. Then go to the browser’s address bar, and enter Pandora’s address (which is given in our ‘useful links’ section).

How to create a Pandora account

Once you are on Pandora’s website, scan through it with your eyes, and you will see a link labeled ‘register’ – click on that link, and you will be taken to the registration page: where, upon entering the required details, you will have a Pandora account created for you.

How to get music recommendations from Pandora

Once you have a Pandora account, enter the name of a song that excites you, alongside its artists’ name and its genre. Based on that information alone, Pandora will be able, with amazing accuracy, to figure out what type of music is likely to appeal to you. Then Pandora will create playlists for you based on the result of that algorithmic analysis of the music you like: those being playlists you can save.

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