DIRECTV Online Sign Up

It is nowadays possible for DIRECTV customers to pay their DIRECTV bills, upgrade their DIRECTV subscriptions and manage their DIRECTV equipment online. DIRECTV customers can also make purchases on the DIRECTV website, change their programming and do many other things online. As a DIRECTV customer, you can get the chance to do all these things – and more — by signing up for a DIRECTV account.

An overview of DIRECTV online account sign up

Signing up for a DIRECTV account makes it possible for you to subsequently log into the account, and access various services from DIRECTV online. If you take a few minutes to sign up for a DIRECTV account, you won’t be having to pick up a phone and call DIRECTV customer support people, every time you need to change your programming. Neither will you have to be inconvenienced, every time your DIRECTV bills fall due, and have to be paid. With such an account, you won’t have any difficulties managing your DIRECTV equipment. All that is because a DIRECTV account enables you to log in, and do all these things (bill payments, programming changes, equipment management and so on) for yourself, at your convenience.

What you need to have, in order to sign up for a DIRECTV account online

To sign up for a DIRECTV account online, you need to be a DIRECTV customer. You also need to have access to the Internet.

Where you need to go, in order to sign up for a DIRECTV account

To sign up for a DIRECTV account, you need to go to the account registration page, on the DIRECTV website. The address/URL to the said DIRECTV website is given below, in our ‘useful links’ section.

How to go about signing up for a DIRECTV account

Once you are on the homepage of the DIRECTV website, near the top right hand corner, you will see somewhere written ‘my account’ followed by ‘sign in/register’. Roll your mouse there, and a drop down box will appear below. Within that box, click on the ‘create account’ button. You will be taken to a page where you can create an account: a process that starts by you specifying how you’d want to verify your account, entering your last name and then clicking on the ‘continue’ button.

Useful links