City of Jacksonville Customer Service

Do you know that as a Jacksonville City resident, you can pay parking tickets, fines for traffic citations, ambulance fees and taxes online? Do you also know that, as a Jacksonville City resident, you can apply for a job, apply for a pet’s license, renew your driver’s license or request a city service online? Further still, do you know that, as a Jacksonville City resident, you can search for a building permit, get information on various city user fees, search for a property appraiser and even find a library book online? All these things are possible, thanks to the City of Jacksonville’s website: which offers the various online services.

An overview of Jacksonville online services

Jacksonville City offers its residents the opportunity to request for various services over the Internet. Many of the services that Jacksonville City residents can request for online would, otherwise, have only been obtainable after making personal visits to the pertinent offices. Thanks to the online access to such services, Jacksonville residents get to experience great convenience. The way the system is designed is such that pretty much any service that a Jacksonville resident could be looking for is available online. Even the services that can’t be offered online are, at least, designed to be applied for or paid for online.

The things that commonly bothered people in the old days, like the payment of parking fees, the payment of fines for traffic citations, the application of pet licenses and the renewal of drivers’ licenses can all now be done conveniently, over the Internet. Things that, in the old days, forced people to run up and done the government bureaucracy offices, such as finding property appraisers, finding building permits and applying for jobs can now all be done with ease, online.

What you need to have, to request for Jacksonville citizen services online

The only thing you really need, to request for Jacksonville citizen services online, is access to the Internet. For services that need to be paid for you, of course, need to have enough money for them.

Where you need to go, to request for Jacksonville citizen services online

To request for Jacksonville citizen services, you need to go to the official City of Jacksonville website. The address/URL to the said City of Jacksonville website is given below, in the ‘useful links’ section.

How to go about requesting for Jacksonville citizen services online

Once you are on the City of Jacksonville website, right on the homepage, on the menu at the top of the page, you will see an item given as ‘online services’. Roll your mouse over it, and a drop down box will appear below the menu item. Click on the link for exactly what you want: the categories of links being ‘pay a fee’, ‘find something’ and ‘other’. Each category has several links under it. Whichever service you select, you will be taken to the page for that particular service. If, for instance, you click to pay a parking ticket, you will be taken straight to a page where you can do so.

Useful links