Access AT&T Rewards and Rebates Center

AT&T customers have the possibility of redeeming their AT&T Rewards and Rebates online. The AT&T customers also have the possibility of activating or checking the balances on their AT&T Reward Cards online. All these, and other things pertaining to AT&T rewards and rebates, are possible on the AT&T Rewards and Rebates web page, on the AT&T website.

An overview of AT&T Rewards and Rebates Online Redemption

AT&T offers various types of rewards for its customers. AT&T also offers rebates: whereby folks who buy some of the products it sells, including the hardware products, can get cash rebates. The onus is, however, always on the people who are eligible for the AT&T rewards and rebates to make claims for the same. And to make the process of making such claims convenient, AT&T has set up a Rewards and Rebates page, on its website. Besides being a place where the customers can make the claims for the rewards and rebates, the said page also serves as a place where the AT&T can check the status of their claims. The rewards and rebates offered by AT&T to its customer are often quite good – and it therefore really makes a lot of sense to try and follow up on them.

What you need to have, to Redeem AT&T Rewards and Rebates online

To redeem AT&T rewards and rebates online, you need to have bought something (a tangible product or a service) that qualifies you for the reward or rebate. Upon carrying out such a purchase, you are given a redemption ID, and that is what you will be required to enter, when trying to redeem online. Obviously, you also need to have some sort of access to the Internet, to redeem AT&T rewards and rebates online.

Where you need to go, to Redeem AT&T Rewards and Rebates online

To redeem AT&T rewards and rebates online, you need to go to the AT&T website, specifically to the page on the website where people can initiate the process of redeeming the rewards and rebates. The address/URL to the AT&T Rewards and Rebates page is given below, in our ‘useful links’ section.

How to go about Redeeming AT&T Rewards and Rebates online

Once you are on the AT&T Rewards and Rebates page, you will need to select from some three tabs (given towards the middle of the page), the basis for the reward or rebate you are looking to redeem. In that regard, you get to choose from AT&T Home Solutions, Wireless Devices or AT&T Refer-A-Friend. Thus, for instance, if you are looking for a reward on account of having referred a friend, you click on the third tab. If you bought a wireless device for which there is a rebate applicable, you click on the wireless devices (middle) tab. Whichever tab you click on, you will ultimately be taken to a page where you can enter the details that form the basis for your rebate or reward claim. Once you have made the claim for the reward or rebate, you can go back to the site, to check the status of your claim.

How to go about Activating an AT&T Rewards card online

The AT&T Rewards and Rebates page is also the place to go, if you want to activate an AT&T Rewards card. On the page where you land upon entering the address for the AT&T Rewards and Rebates page, you will see (as you scroll down the page), a button labeled ‘Activate/Check Balance’ — click on that button. You will be taken to a page where, upon entering the first 4 digits of the card number, you can activate it.

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