Sign up for Avon Representative Online Account

As an Avon Representative, you stand to gain many benefits by registering for an online Avon account. Firstly, by registering for such an account, you get to join the rich Avon online community. As a member of that online community, you will be able to access many useful resources that you’d otherwise have missed out on. Those include the handy business building tools. Secondly, after registering for an Avon representative online account (which is also referred to as a YourAvon account), you can access and review your statements and invoices at your convenience. You can also gain access to your order history whenever and wherever you want.

An overview of Avon

Avon is a company that is involved in the beauty products business. Avon mainly sells its products through independent representatives, under a direct sales/multi-level marking model. Pretty much anybody who is interested in maximizing income can sign up to become an Avon representative. Once one becomes an Avon representative, then they get to earn commissions when they sell Avon products. The Avon representatives can go further, to recruit/bring in other representatives. Then they get to earn something when the representatives they have recruited manage to sell Avon products as well.  Now once you are an Avon representative, you can set up an online Avon account (also referred to as YourAvon account).

What you need to have, to register for an Avon representative account online

To register for an Avon representative online account (that is, for a YourAvon account) you, naturally, need to be an Avon representative. Then you need to have a ‘welcome’ email as you will need to refer to it as some stage in the registration process. You need to be able to remember that last 4 digits of your social security number, as these too will have to be entered at some stage in the registration process.

How to go about registering for an Avon representative account online

Start by launching the YourAvon website (our ‘useful links’ section has the address/URL to that particular site). Once you are on the YourAvon website, below the ‘log in’ button, you will see pink text saying ‘Not Registered?’ and somewhere under that text, there is a ‘Register’ button — click on it. On the page you are taken to, enter the required details in the first step of the registration process. Then click on the button labeled ‘next’, in order to be taken to complete the Avon account registration process.

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