Apply For A Job At Walmart Online

Walmart is one of those companies that are almost always hiring. This is due to the extremely large scale of Walmart’s operations, which ensures that vacancies are always coming up in various departments. Thus, as a jobseeker, based on the rules of numerical probability alone, you find that the odds of you getting a job at Walmart are very high if you apply. We will show you how to go through the motions of making an application for a job at Walmart, via the Careers section of Walmart’s website.

A Brief introduction to Walmart

Walmart is a gigantic retail company. As per the latest available figures, Walmart has well over 11,000 stores, spread over the 27 countries where the company has operations. As of the year 2013, Walmart was employing more than 2.2 million employees: which makes its workforce bigger than several nations’ entire populations!

Searching for a job on the Walmart website

To search for a job on the Walmart website, you start by going to the Walmart website. Once you are on the Walmart website, scroll to the very bottom end of the homepage, where there are rows of links. The second row of links is entitled ‘ Get to Know Us’ and the second last item on that row is ‘careers’ – click on it, and you will be taken to the careers homepage. Right at the middle of that page, there is a search box, which you can use to search for the Walmart job(s) you are interested in.

Applying for a job on the Walmart website

Once you identify a job you’d want to apply for, click on the link for that particular job. You will be taken to a page where you will find a more detailed description of the job. At the bottom of that page, you will find a button labeled ‘apply’ – click on it, to make the actual application.

Types of jobs you can get at Walmart

Walmart has a huge variety of jobs on offer: contrary to the widely held perception that the only jobs available at Walmart are ‘retail floor jobs’. Of course, the retail floor jobs form a huge bulk of what Walmart has to offer, in terms of employment opportunities: it being, after all, a retail corporation. But over and above those, Walmart does have other jobs. Those are in areas like transportation (e.g. for drivers), corporate — like accounting and finance, engineering, the legal department, real estate and store planning… among others. There are even healthcare jobs to be applied for at Walmart, in areas such as pharmacy and optometry. So the opportunities are many and varied.

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