Use USAJOBS to Search for a US Government Job

The federal government announces job openings in its various agencies through the USAJOBS website. That, therefore, means that you need to visit the USAJOBS website, if you are interested in working for the federal government. On the USAJOBS website, you can carry out searches for jobs. On the USAJOBS website, you can also make applications for jobs – or, more specifically, obtain links to the various agencies’ websites, where you can apply for the various US federal government jobs.

An overview of USAJOBS

The USAJOBS website is the one place where you can find notices about job openings in the various US federal government agencies. The USAJOBS website is extremely easy to use: such that you don’t even need to have set up an account on the it, for you to start searching for jobs. The job notices on USAJOBS are comprehensive: giving detailed information on what each job entails, what the qualifications for each job are, and how to go applying for each job. You can create an account (though it is not mandatory), in order to be able to save your job searches and do other advanced things on the USAJOBS website.

What you need to have, to search for a job at USAJOBS

To search for a job at USAJOBS, you really only need to have access to the Internet. Of course, when it comes to applying for the job openings you identify through USAJOBS, you need to have the necessary qualifications.

Where you need to go, to search for jobs through USAJOBS

To search for jobs through USAJOBS, you need to go to the USAJOBS website. The address/URL for the USAJOBS website is given here in the ‘useful links’ section, below.

How to go about searching for jobs on USAJOBS

Once you are on the USAJOBS website’s homepage, towards the center of the page, you will see two input boxes: one where you can enter the ‘keyword’ and one that you can enter ‘location’ information. In the keyword box, enter a word or words describing the kind of job you are interested in searching for. In the location box, enter the city, state, zip code or county you are interested in working at. Then click on the ‘search’ button or press the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard. For advanced searching functionality, click on the ‘advanced search’ link, which is below the ‘search’ button.

How to apply for the openings you find at USAJOBS

Once you carry out a job search on USAJOBS, the site is likely to give you results for jobs meeting your criteria. Click on the links for the jobs you are interested in, to view more details about those jobs. For each job, you will see a ‘how to apply’ section. Follow the instruction given in that section, in order to ultimately submit an application for any job that you are interested in.

Useful links