Join in Transitions Sweepstakes

If you have recently bought Transitions lenses, and obtained a Certificate of Authenticity, then you can use that certificate to enter the Transitions Certificate of Authenticity (COA) sweepstake. That is a sweepstake in which (for the 2015 edition of the promotion) you can win great prizes: ranging from $25 American Express gift cards, to the grand prize of ‘Eyeglasses for Life’. Winning ‘Eyeglasses for Life’ would entitle you to an annual eye exam, and a new pair of glasses (with Transitions lenses) each year, for 20 years. According to transitions, the monetary value of that grand prize is $10,000. And with 24 people poised to win the $25 American Express gift cards, it means that the total monetary value of that prize is $600. So, there is a grand total of $10,600 to be won in the 2015 edition of Transitions COA promotion, which runs between January 3rd, 2015 and December 31st, 2015. Once you have the certificate of authenticity from Transitions, it is easy to enter the competition, and you can end winning something huge.

An overview of the process for entering Transitions COA promotion

The process for entering Transitions COA promotion simply entails loading the Transitions COA sweepstake page and entering the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) number. You get the Certificate of Authenticity upon buying the lenses sold by Transitions.

What you need to have, in order to enter Transitions COA promotion

To enter the Transitions COA sweepstake, you need to have a Certificate of Authenticity, acquired after buying Transitions lenses. You also need to have attained the age of majority: 18 years of age, and to have a social security number. You, of course, also need to have access to the Internet, in order to register your COA for entry into the sweepstake.

Where you need to go, to enter Transitions COA promotion

To enter Transitions COA promotion, simply go to the COA entry page on Transitions website. The address/URL for the said Transitions COA sweepstake entry page is given below, in our useful link section.

How to go about entering into Transitions COA promotion

Once you are on the Transitions COA sweepstake entry page, enter the number on your Certificate of Authenticity, select the country you are in (either USA or Canada), and then click on the ‘register now’ button.

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