Participate In Tell Subway Survey And Receive A Free Cookie

By taking a few minutes to answer the simple and straightforward questions in the Tell Subway survey, you get yourself a free cookie coupon, which you can redeem at a Subway sandwich outlet. Subway, as we all know, is a phenomenally successful food outlets chain. Part of Subway’s success is attributable to its well established systems for obtaining and acting on customer feedback. One such system is the surveys system: an example being the Tell Subway Survey that we are focusing on here. It is a survey through which you can get a free cookie coupon.

An overview of the Tell Subway survey

Subway wants you tell it what you think about things like its customer service standards, the quality of its food products, its general operations… you know, just to get your feedback. To make it possible for you to give it such feedback, Subway designs surveys. And to make it worthwhile for you to take part in the surveys, Subway gives you cookie coupons when you participate in the surveys.

Things you must have, to participate in the Tell Subway survey

Strictly speaking, the only tangible thing that needs to be in your hands when taking part in the Tell Subway survey is the receipt (from a recent visit to a Subway food outlet). The Tell Subway survey is run through the Internet: meaning that you need to have a computer or a phone connected to the Internet, to participate in the Tell Subway survey.

How to initiate the Tell Subway survey

To get the Tell Subway survey up and running, go to the Tell Subway survey page (which you can access through the address given in the ‘useful links’ section somewhere below). On that page, the first thing you will be called upon is to enter the Subway store ID, obtainable from your receipt. Enter that, and click on the ‘submit’ button, to proceed with the Tell Subway survey.

How to go through the Tell Subway survey

Once the Tell Subway survey is up and running, you progress by answering the questions asked. Just give your honest feedback, knowing that Subway’s management will use the information to improve your future experience.

How you obtain the coupon after participating in the Tell Subway survey

At one point in the survey, you will need to enter your email address. This is the email address to which Subway subsequently sends the coupon: this being a real coupon, whose value is redeemable the next time you visit a Subway food outlet.

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