Participate in Shoppers Drug Mart Survey and Win a $1,000 Gift Card

Shoppers Drug Mart has joined the growing list of companies that are taking the initiative to elicit feedback from their customers. In the case of Shoppers Drug Mart, the feedback is being elicited through a survey. And if you take part in the said Shoppers Drug Mart survey, you stand a very realistic chance of winning a $1,000 gift card. The survey takes very little of your time. Furthermore, whether or not you win the $1,000, by taking part in the survey, you will have had a chance to pour your heart out. You will thence have given feedback about what you think of Shoppers Drug Mart products and customer service standards.

An overview of Shoppers Drug Mart survey

Shoppers Drug Mart survey, like most of the other customer surveys being carried out by companies nowadays, is designed to elicit objective feedback from customers. To make it worthwhile for the customers to answer the questions in the survey, Shoppers Drug Mart gives sweepstake entries to customers who participate. A lucky participant ends up winning the $1,000 gift card. It doesn’t really matter what you bought from Shoppers Drug Mart: whether that was some sort of medication drug, or some other health product. Indeed, even if you just bought a beauty product from Shoppers Drug Mart, you can still take part in the survey.

What you need to have, to participate in Shoppers Drug Mart survey

To participate in Shoppers Drug Mart survey, you need to have the Shoppers Drug Mart receipt close by, as one part of the survey involves entry of some 15 digits from the receipt. You, of course, also need to be connected to the Internet, to participate in Shoppers Drug Mart survey.

How to initiate the Shoppers Drug Mart survey

To initiate the Shoppers Drug Mart survey, visit the survey website (the address is among the details provided in our useful links section). On the Shoppers Drug Mart survey website, specify your language preference (by either clicking on ‘French’ or ‘English’). Then click to start the survey, whereby the first requirement will be for you to enter a ‘certificate number’, made up of 15 digits obtainable from your Shoppers Drug Mart receipt.

How to proceed with the Shoppers Drug Mart survey

After entering the ‘certificate number’ from your Shoppers Drug Mart receipt, click on ‘launch’ to start giving objective answers to the survey questions. These are questions mostly touching on your shopping experience. When you are through with this exercise, you will be entered into the draw for the sweepstake, where you can win the $1,000 gift card from Shoppers Drug Mart.

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