Register My Superdrug Beautycard

The Superdrug store has an interesting customer rewards program, operated through the Beautycard. What happens is that you, as a Superdrug customer, get a Beautycard while shopping in one of Superdrug stores. The Beautycard in question is actually a membership card. Once you have it, and once you have registered it online, you get to earn points every time you purchase something in a Superdrug store. The points keep on accumulating. You can then redeem them to make part-payments for products in Superdrug stores.

An overview of the Superdrug Beautycard

The Superdrug Beautycard entitles you, as the holder, to earn points when you shop in a Superdrug store. It is, therefore, best seen as a customer rewards program. The Superdrug Beautycard is handed to you for free, while shopping in a Superdrug store. You need to register it online, to starting earning points. The monetary value of the points you earn through the Superdrug Beautycard is considerable. This is the case given that, under ordinary circumstances, every pound spent earns you a point.  100 points can be redeemed to make part-payment worth 1 pound. When there are special promotions or other offers, you can earn even more points per pound spent on applicable Superdrug products. Oh, and by the way, the nature of the Superdrug Beautycard is such that one side of it is reflective. This makes the Superdrug Beautycard, at the very least, a handy mirror that can be conveniently carried in the wallet!

What you need, to register a Superdrug Beautycard online

You first of all (and obviously) need the Superdrug Beautycard that you want to register. Then you need to be connected to the Internet, to make the registration. According to the rules governing this membership program, you need to be at least 14 years old, to register and use the Superdrug Beautycard.

How to go about registering a Superdrug Beautycard online

Load the Superdrug Beautycard website. The website’s URL is one of the resources given in our ‘useful resources’ section. Once the Superdrug Beautycard website is running, you can click either on the conspicuous pink button labeled ‘Register your Beautycard’ or you can click on the ‘Register my Beautycard’ link on the left hand side. Either way, you are taken to a page where you can create a Superdrug account through your Beautycard. With this sort of account, you can earn points not just when you purchase products in brick and mortar Superdrug stores, but also on the online Superdrug store.

What follows, after you register a Superdrug Beautycard online

Once you have registered a Superdrug Beautycard online, and you buy products in any of Superdrug’s outlets (or on the Superdrug online store), you earn points. These are points that you can redeem to make part-payments for products at Superdrug.

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