ADP Portal Login and Register

If you work for one of the many companies that use the services of ADP (Automatic Data Processing), then you will find the online ADP portal useful. This is a portal that you can log into, to perform certain functions. One of the functions that you can perform on the ADP portal is that of setting up direct deposit, for purposes of receiving your paychecks. Another function that you can perform on the ADP portal is that of changing the details of the people who can partake in your employee benefits (your dependents). That is like when a new member joins your family. Yet another function that you can perform on the ADP portal is that of checking to see which benefits you are eligible for, and how to take advantage of those benefits. At yet another level, you can log into the ADP portal online, and thereby access your pay statements. All these are functions that would have made it inevitable for you to make a visit, or indeed several visits, to the HR office — were it not for the ADP online portal.

An overview of the ADP online portal

More and more companies are opting to perform functions like payroll processing, benefits administration and other things to do with HR management by partnering with companies that specialize in such things. Now one such company is Automatic Data Processing (ADP). And if your employer happens to be one of those that have partnering with Automatic Data Processing, then you can use the ADP online portal. The said portal is, in actual fact, a self-service portal, where you can perform, at your convenience, functions that would otherwise have made it necessary for you to visit the HR office. Those are functions like getting your pay statements, setting up direct deposit, checking benefits, changing benefits details… and so on.

What you need, in order to access and use the ADP online portal

To access and use the online ADP portal, you need to have an ADP account. If you don’t have such an account, you need to register for one. And for you to register, you need to have a pass code from your employer’s ADP administrator. Of course, you need to be connected to the Internet, to access and use the ADP online portal.

How to log into the ADP online portal

To log into the ADP online portal, you need to go to the portal website. We have given the address to it in our useful links section. Once you are at the ADP online portal, you will see a button labeled ‘user login’ – click on it. You will be taken to a page where you can log in and access your ADP account.

How to register to use the ADP online portal

To register and use the ADP online portal, you first of all need to have obtained an ADP registration pass code from your employer. With that, go to the ADP online portal website. Click on the first link, labeled ‘first time users register here’. You will be taken through the registration process, which will culminate in you having an ADP account.

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