Sign Up For Netflix 1 Month Free Trial

Netflix, a popular content streaming service, makes it possible for you to watch movies and TV shows online – or by way of mailed DVDs. With Netflix, you get to watch TV shows, as well as movies, on demand: that is, whenever and wherever you want to watch them. That is by either by streaming them from Netflix through the Internet, or from DVDs mailed to you by Netflix. Netflix offers a whole month’s free trial to newly signed up people. We will show you how you can sign up for Netflix and get to take advantage of the one month free trial.

An overview of Netflix

Netflix makes it possible for people to watch videos — which could be anything from movies to TV shows — on demand, by way of Internet streaming. People who prefer consuming content in DVD format, and who happen to be in the USA can also have Netflix mail the DVDs to them. As a Netflix subscriber, you don’t have to worry about missing a particular show when it is aired on TV: because you know that you will get to catch it at your convenience, through Netflix. As a Netflix subscriber, you can also get to enjoy the latest movies, with the movies often being promptly available on Netflix as soon as they are released. If you take the initiative to sign up for Netflix, you get to enjoy a full 1 month free trial.

Requirements for Netflix sign up

You can sign up for Netflix, as long as your computer is connected to the Internet. Take note though, that you do have to be in one of the countries where Netflix works. One preliminary step in the Netflix sign up process requires that you enter an email address. That, therefore, makes it necessary for you to have an email address, to successfully go through the online Netflix sign up process.

How to go about signing up for Netflix

The first step is that of launching the Netflix website. Once the Netflix website is launched, you need to scan through the homepage/sign in page – and you will see a place where it is written ‘not a member’ followed by a link labeled ‘click here’. The implication is that if you are not a member, and you’d want to become a member, then you need to click on that link. So that is essentially the Netflix sign up link. Click on it, and you will thereafter be required to enter your preferred sign in credentials – your email address, and a password (the ones you will be using). After entering those and clicking on the ‘next’ button, you will be taken to the Netflix sign up page. On that page, fill in the sign up form, and by the end of it all, you will start enjoying the one full month free trial of Netflix entertainment.

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