Citi Prepaid Card Login and Account Registration

As a Citi prepaid cardholder, it is possible for you to access and manage your account online. That is something you do by simply going to the Citi Prepaid cards (previously known as the MyEcount) website, and logging in. The Citi prepaid cards in question here are normally used by people to receive direct deposit payments. The direct deposit payments could be for anything, from paychecks to public assistance benefits, royalties, sales commissions and so on.

An overview of Citi prepaid cards

Citi prepaid cards make the process of disbursing and receiving payments convenient. Many forms of payment that were previously disbursed (and received) through paper checks can be handled by direct deposit, through the prepaid cards. In that way, the administrative costs associated with disbursement of paper checks are avoided. And on the part of the people receiving the checks, the inconveniences and delays associated with the processing of paper checks are avoided.

What you need, in order to access Citi prepaid card account online

To access your Citi Prepaid card account online, you need to be a prepaid Citi cardholder. You need to have registered your card, on the Citi prepaid card website (previously known as the MyEcount website). You need to be connected to the Internet, to log in and access your Citi prepaid account online.

Where you need to go, to access Citi prepaid card account online

To access and manage your Citi prepaid card account online, you need to go to the Citi prepaid cards website. The address for the Citi Prepaid cards website is given, in the ‘useful links’ section below.

How to access Citi Prepaid card account online

You start by launching your browser, and then using the browser to access the Citi Prepaid cards website. Once you are on the Citi Prepaid cards website, you will see a section, on the right hand side, entitled ‘access & manage your account’. Within that section are spaces for you to enter your username and password. Enter those details, and then click on the ‘log in’ button below. Of course, you won’t be able to log in, unless you have first registered your card. To register your card, look below the ‘access & manage your account’ section, and you will see a series of links. The first of those is preceded by the question ‘First time user?’ and somewhere below, you see a link labeled ‘Register your card now’ – click on it. You will be taken to a page where you will be able to register your Citi prepaid card online.

Useful links