Participate in AppleBee’s Guest Survey and Win Fantastic Prizes

By just taking your time to tell Apple Bees what you think about their customer service, you can earn Apple Bees survey sweepstakes entries. And if you are lucky enough, you can win amazing prices, including cash prizes of $1,000 and $500 as well as iPods, through the said Apple Bees Survey sweepstakes.

An overview of the AppleBees Survey

The Applebees Survey is used to gauge customer satisfaction levels, and to elicit suggestions for customer experience improvement. Having recently been to one of Applebees locations and having obtained a receipt, you can use it to take part in the survey. Apple Bees will reward you for the trouble: by offering you an entry into Apple Bees Survey sweepstake. The said sweepstake has cash prizes of amounts like $1,000 and $500, as well as tangible prizes such as an iPod.

What you need to have, to participate in Apple Bees Survey

The most critical thing is a receipt from an Apple Bees location. You can access the Applebees Survey website online, which necessitates you to have a computer connected to the Internet. You need to be in the USA and you need to be an adult – that is, a person who has attained the age of adulthood, at 18 years.

Where you need to go, to participate in Apple Bees Survey

You need to go to the Apple Bees Survey site (you can follow the address given in our ‘useful links’ section), in order to participate in Apple Bees Survey.

What you stand to win, through the Apple Bees Survey

There are two types of prizes that you stand to win, by participating in the Applebees survey. The first type is that of cash prizes: the amounts being $1,000 and $500. The second type is that of tangible prizes, like the iPod. Note that a uniquely attractive thing about the Applebees survey sweepstake is the fact that there are daily winners. So, if you are lucky, you could take part in the survey and win the same day!

Steps in participating in Apple Bees Survey

Once you are on the Applebees survey page (, select the country or US territory you are in, and your preferred language, and then click on the ‘enter the survey’ button. On the next page, enter the required details (which are easily readable from your receipt), and click on the ‘enter’ button, to start responding to Apple Bees’ survey questions.

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