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Going by search trends, it is clear that a huge number of people express interest in knowing how to log into to MyAccessFlorida. This is understandable, given the fact that some services — as well as some (personal) bits of information — on MyAccessFlorida can only be accessed when one is logged in.

In this context, MyAccessFlorida refers to the Automated Community Connection to Self Sufficiency (ACCESS) website, which is operated by the Florida Department of Children and Families. That is the website where people in Florida get to apply for food stamps (under the Food Assistance Program), welfare funds (under the Temporary Cash Assistance Program) as well as Medicaid. Other services offered through the My Florida ACCESS website include child care services, adult protective services, independent living services, foster care services… and so on.

MyAccessFlorida is also the website where beneficiaries of the various forms of assistance offered by the Florida Department of Children and Families can access various EBT services – including checking their EBT accounts online.

As noted earlier, to perform certain functions on the MyAccessFlorida website, you need to be logged in. That leads to the question on how to log into the site. That is an interesting question, given the fact that, on the MyAccessFlorida website homepage, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of login/sign in link.

An overview of the procedure for logging into the MyAccessFlorida website

The procedure for logging into the MyAccessFlorida website is actually quite straightforward, in spite of the fact that there is no login or sign in link on the MyAccessFlorida website’s homepage. The login procedure then entails clicking on the ‘Benefits Home’ link, from the main menu on the homepage. Upon doing so, you are taken to the Benefits homepage, where there is a ‘Login or Create Your My Access Account’ (somewhere towards the bottom). So you click on that link, and you are taken straight to a page where you can proceed to login.

What you need to have, to log into MyAccessFlorida website

To log into MyAccessFlorida website, you first of all need to have the required login credentials: namely a User ID and a password. These are details which you set up when creating your My ACCESS account. Of course, you also need to have a way of connecting to the Internet, in order to be able to access the My ACCESS Florida website, and log into your account there.

Where you need to go, to log into MyAccessFlorida website

To log into the My ACCESS Florida website, you need to go to the website’s login page. So you first go to the MyAccessFlorida website (address/URL provided below, in the ‘useful links’ section), and then you browse through to the login page. We have also provided an address/URL you can use to go straight to the login page.

How to go about logging into MyAccessFlorida website

Using the first address/URL provided below, in the ‘useful links’ section, go to the My ACCESS Florida website’s homepage.

Once you get to the My ACCESS Florida website, check towards the top, and you will see a main menu with items such as ‘Benefits Home’, ‘EBT Services’, ‘FAQs’, ‘Find Forms’ and ‘Helpful Links’. Click on ‘Benefits Home’ link.

Then on the page that you are taken to, scroll down a bit, and you will encounter a section entitled ‘Access your Benefits’ (with a blue background). Within that section, click on the third link: the one which is labeled ‘Login or Create Your MyACCESS account’. That should take you to the MyAccessFlorida DCF Login page: where you get to log in by entering your user ID and your password.

If you don’t have an account to log into, click on the ‘Create My Access Account’ link (under the ‘Get Started Now’ section), and fill in the required information, to create a My ACCESS Florida account.

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