Join Kroger Feedback Survey to Win a Gift Card

The Kroger Supermarket chain is definitely an organization that takes the opinion of its customers seriously. You come to that conclusion after appreciating the lengths to which the Kroger Supermarket chain goes, in order to proactively elicit the opinion of its customers. One measure that Kroger Supermarket puts in place, to proactively elicit feedback from its customers, is that of running a web-based survey, known as the Kroger Feedback survey. If you shop in one of Kroger’s stores, and then proceed to take part in the Kroger Feedback survey, you are entered in a sweepstake, whose winners get $100 Kroger gift cards. The customer survey begins on January 1, 2014 and ends at December 31, 2014. The sweepstakes will be 12 entry periods, and the survey will held on the 10th day of each month.

What the Kroger Feedback Survey Entails

The Tell Kroger survey, like most surveys, entails answering questions: these being mostly questions touching on your level of satisfaction as a customer. The survey is linked to a sweepstake. So when you shop at a Kroger supermarket store, and then take part in the survey, you are entered into the sweepstake. Unlike many other survey sweepstakes, where there is only one winner, the Kroger Feedback survey sweepstake prizes consist of one grand prize, consisting of $5,000 in grocery gift cards and 100 first prizes, each including a $100 grocery gift cards. What this means is that the chances of you actually winning are decent, if you take part in the Tell Kroger survey and hence get entered into the sweepstake for the same.

Kroger Feedback Survey participating requirements

If you are holding a recent Kroger supermarket receipt, and you are behind a computer or a mobile computing device connected to the Internet, you have everything that is necessary for participation in the Kroger Feedback survey. But then again, you must be above 18 years of age, and you must be in the USA.

Kroger Feedback Survey participation steps

There are no complications in the Kroger Feedback survey: you just go to the Kroger Feedback survey website (address given in the ‘useful links’ section), and answer the questions posed. The preliminary step in the survey, once you are on the survey website, is that of inputting some details that are easily obtainable from your receipt. Those details are date, time, and the entry ID. Enter them, and click on the ‘Start button’ in order to embark on the answering of the actual feedback-eliciting questions that constitute the survey. If you prefer to participate in the Kroger Feedback survey in Spanish, click on the ‘Espanol’ link at the bottom of the page, and the survey will be given to you in Spanish.

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