Join In the Home Depot Opinion Survey to Win A Gift Card

As a person who has bought something from one of Home Depot stores in the recent past, you stand a chance to win a $5,000 gift card: by taking part in the Home Depot Opinion Survey. The moment you take part in the said Home Depot Opinion Survey, you are entered into a sweepstake, in which you may end up winning a gift card worth $5,000. We will show you how to go about participating in the Home Depot’s opinion survey.

What the Home Depot Opinion Survey is all about

The Home Depot Opinion Survey is all about giving feedback to the people who run the Home Depot stores, about your shopping experience and about the products bought from the stores. What the folks who run the Home Depot value is your feedback: and it doesn’t matter whether that is positive feedback or negative feedback. Thus, whether the feedback you provide in the Home Depot Opinion Survey is positive or negative, you are entered into the sweepstake, automatically giving you a chance to win the $5,000 gift card.

What you need to have to take part in the Home Depot Opinion Survey

In terms of hardware, any computer with access to the Internet will do. Of course, you must have shopped at a Home Depot outlet in the recent past (as evidenced by a receipt), and you must be in the USA or Canada. If you are one of the many people who work for Home Depot, then, unfortunately, you can’t be allowed to participate in the Home Depot Opinion Survey, for obvious reasons.

Steps to follow in taking part in the Home Depot Opinion Survey

You start by going to Home Depot’s Opinion Survey page, whose address is given in our ‘useful links’ section. Once you are there, select the language you’d want the survey questions to be served in: your options being English, French or Spanish. Then enter your zip code, and click on the ‘continue’ button. On the next page, there are links to pages where you can find previous winners of the survey’s sweepstake, privacy policy and rules. If you are not interested in all those things, just click on the orange-colored ‘continue’ button, to be taken straight into the survey, where the first question is likely to be one where you are required to enter certain details from your receipt. In every page, enter the required answer, and then click on the ‘continue’ button, until you come to the end of the survey.

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