Get Map Updates Using Garmin Express nuMaps

Most of the people who use GPS-based devices will be conversant with the Garmin brand. That is because Garmin is a leading brand in the Global Position Systems (GPS) products niche. And if you are one of the many people who actually use Garmin’s GPS devices, you will be aware of the need to keep on getting map updates for the devices. This is where Garmin Express, also commonly referred to as Garmin nuMaps Lifetime Updater, comes in: giving you lifetime map updates for your Garmin device. And the most attractive thing about it lies is the fact that the updates are automatic. Thus, once you have the Garmin Express software on your computer, it updates the maps automatically, without need for any input from you. Then, using USB or ANT, you can transfer the updated maps from your computer onto your Garmin device.

An overview of the Garmin Express nuMaps service

As we all know, to be able to use GPS, you need a GPS device (like the ones sold by Garmin), and you need to load maps onto the device and then update them as required. Garmin Express, also referred to as Garmin Lifetime Update nuMaps, serves the latter purpose: of updating maps on the Garmin device. You just need to download and install Garmin Express software. Then, from that time henceforth, the maps on your computer are automatically updated for you. On your part, you get to update the Garmin GPS device by connecting it to the computer bearing the updated maps, either via USB cord or via ANT.

What you need to have, to use Garmin Express nuMaps

To use Garmin Express nuMaps, you need to have a Garmin GPS-based device. You need to have a USB cable for connecting the Garmin device to your computer (that is, if you don’t have a ANT stick). You need to have subscribed for the service and finally, you need to have the computer, onto which you will download the maps before transferring them to your Garmin device.

How to use Garmin Express nuMaps

You start by going the Garmin Express nuMaps site. To that end, you can use the address given in the ‘Useful links’ section of this page. Once there, download Garmin Express (the software). Once you have the software on your computer, it will be automatically detecting new maps and updating them for you. And that ability to update maps automatically is where the main advantage of Garmin Express nuMaps lies. Once the maps are updated on your computer, and you connect your Garmin device to the computer, the maps on the device are updated too.

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