FedEx Online Shipment Tracking

Nowadays, it is possible to carry out FedEx tracking online. If, for instance, you have sent/shipped something to someone via FedEx, then there is a high probability that you will be interested in knowing for sure whether or not it has been delivered. Similarly, if you are expecting something to be shipped to you via FedEx, then there is a high probability that you will want to know when you can expect it to be delivered, how far along it has come… and so on. All those are things you can do through FedEx shipment online tracking. There are many ways to carry out FedEx shipments tracking online: including by tracking number, by reference number and by Transportation Control Number (TCN). With FedEx shipment online tracking, you don’t have to keep on calling FedEx offices, to know the status of your shipment. All the information that the customer care executive could have checked for you (if you called them) is right at your fingertips, thanks to FedEx shipment online tracking.

An overview of FedEx shipment online tracking

It is possible for FedEx to give you, within seconds, comprehensive information on how far your shipment has gone: through online FedEx tracking. FedEx gives you several options, in terms of how you can carry out the tracking. That is where you can opt to track by the tracking number, by the Transportation Control Number (TCN) or by reference number. And FedEx, aware of the fact that some people ship many items at once, also allows you to carry multiple shipment tracking at once. That is like where you can enter up to 30 TCNs, or 30 tracking numbers – and FedEx then tells you where each of the 30 shipments is. Through the FedEx shipment online tracking service, you are also able to obtain proof of delivery, if the shipment you are following up on has already been completed.

What you need to have, to undertake FedEx shipment online tracking

You need to have one of the references used in FedEx shipment tracking: namely a tracking number, door tag or FedEx order number. You can also use the TCN. These can be details for a FedEx shipment you initiated, or for a FedEx shipment you are expecting. Then, to carry out online tracking, you obviously need to be connected to the Internet.

Where you need to go, to undertake FedEx shipment online tracking

To undertake FedEx shipment online tracking, go to the page on the FedEx website where the tracking can be done (the address to it is available in our ‘useful links’ section below).

How to go about FedEx shipment online tracking

Once you are on the FedEx shipment online tracking page, specify (by clicking) whether you want to track by tracking number, by TCN, by reference — or whether you simply want to obtain proof of delivery. In the space provided, enter the tracking details of the shipment(s) you want to track – whereby you can enter the tracking number, the TCN, the door tag and so on. You can track up to 30 shipments at once, entering the details for one shipment per line. Then click on the ‘track’ button, and within seconds, FedEx will give you results, showing you how far the shipment has gone.

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