Participate in Dollar General Survey Online

By taking part in an easy and simple online survey, people who have recently shopped in Dollar General stores can earn entries into a sweepstake where they can win some $1,000. On some of the receipts issued to Dollar General stores customers, there are invitations to take part in the survey (with unique codes). If you get one such receipt with the invitation to take part in the survey, then don’t take it for granted: it is an opportunity for you to participate and win up to $1,000.

An overview of Dollar General survey

The Dollar General survey is essentially a marketing exercise, aimed at obtaining genuine feedback from Dollar General stores customers. The people who run Dollar General stores seem to have figured out that the best way to coax such feedback out of their customers is by setting up surveys. There are monthly sweepstakes, where a lucky Dollar General survey participant wins a $1,000. That is a free $1,000 that you can put yourself in the line for, by opting to take part in the Dollar General survey.

What you must have in order to take part in the Dollar General survey

The receipt that you obtained while shopping at a Dollar General store (with an invitation for you to participate in the survey) is the one thing you must have. Since the Dollar General survey is online-based, you of course need a computer with Internet connection.

Where you can take part in the Dollar General survey

There is a website set up for people to take part in the Dollar General survey (see the URL/web address for that site in our useful links section). So, the onus is on you, if you have a Dollar General store receipt with invitation to take part in the survey, to visit the website and participate in the said survey.

What you can gain after participating in the Dollar General survey

Every time you participate in the Dollar General survey, you are given an entry into the survey sweepstake. That is a sweepstake in which every month, a lucky person wins $1,000 from Dollar General.

Steps in the Dollar General Survey

Taking part in the Dollar General survey really boils down to loading the Dollar General survey website and sequentially answering the questions. On the first page that you encounter upon entering the address to the Dollar General survey site, there are rules and regulations governing the survey, as well as the survey’s privacy policy. You can read those (by clicking on the link), or you can immediately set out answering the questions on the survey, by clicking on the yellow ‘next screen’ button. As soon as you complete the survey questions, you will have instantly won an entry into the sweepstake, where the $1,000 prize can be yours.

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