Take Part in B&Q Online Survey

You stand a chance to win £250, by taking part in the B&Q survey online. To take part in the said B&Q survey, you only need to have shopped in a B&Q store recently, and kept the receipt. The B&Q stores in question here mainly sell DIY products (including tools and equipment). B&Q is indeed one of the most popular brands in the DIY products niche. And like most successful business, B&Q endeavors to get feedback from its customers: hence things like the B&Q online survey we are making reference to.

An overview of the B&Q online survey

The B&Q online survey is designed to make it possible for the company to get actionable, objective feedback from customers. It is a typical survey: in the sense that the B&Q survey participants answer questions about the DIY products bought from B&Q and about their shopping experience. There is a reward for the effort put in answering the B&Q survey questions: as participants are entered into a draw, where they can win prizes of £250.

What you need to have, to take part in the B&Q online survey

To take part in the B&Q online survey, where you can win £250, you need to have a recent B&Q receipt, and you need to be connected to the Internet.

Where you need to go, to take part in the B&Q online survey

To take part in the B&Q online survey (and stand a chance to win £250), you need to go to the B&Q feedback/B&Q survey page. The address/URL for that page is given in our ‘useful links’ section.

How to take part in the B&Q online survey

Launch your browser, and then enter the address for the B&Q feedback page into the browser’s address bar. That should take you to the ‘smart landing page’ for the survey. As the page loads, B&Q may request you to share your location with it, through a geo-location feature. A pop-up will also come up, bearing links that you can click on, to see the privacy policy for the B&Q survey and to see the prize draw rules. You can, of course, just click on the ‘continue’ button, to be taken straight to the survey. In the first preliminary phase of the survey, you will need to enter details from your B&Q receipt. Then you get to the phase where you answer the actual B&Q survey questions. At some point, you will get to enter an email address through which the people running the B&Q online survey can contact you, in case you are lucky in the prizes draw.

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