Renew UK Driving License Over 70

Senior citizens in Britain who have attained 70 years of age and above have the option of renewing their driving licenses online.  The opportunity for such people to renew their driving licenses online gives them a high level of convenience, whilst also saving them time. The online license renewal service is offered by Britain’s Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (abbreviated as DVLA). The service is available at no cost to people who have attained, and those who are above, the age of 70 years.

An overview of online British driving license renewal service

Online British driving license renewal is designed to enhance convenience for people who have just attained, and those who are above the age of 70. years. Like all other matters to do with driver licensing, this service is offered by the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA). Instead of having to apply for drivers licenses’ by post, senior citizens in the said age brackets log onto the DVLA website and apply for license renewal there. There are limitations to the service: like where class C1 and D1 licenses can’t be renewed online. But for the classes of driving license that are renewable online, there is no denying that it is an extremely convenient service.

Essential requirements for online British driving license renewal

As we have already stated, the people looking to renew their licenses online need to have attained the age of 70 (and above). They need to be people whose status is such that they are currently allowed to drive. They need to have driving licenses: the licenses to be renewed – and these have to be licenses that are either expired or on the verge of expiring. And they need to meet the usual minimum eyesight requirements applicable for people who want to drive.

How to go about renewing British driving license online

To initiate the process of renewing British driving licenses online, people who have attained the age of 70 (and above) need to go to the DVLA website. The address of the said DVLA website is provided in our ‘related resources’ section. Once there, one needs to read through the information given, pertaining to online driving license renewal. Then one needs to click on the green ‘start now’ button. On the next page, one needs to either log in (using Gateway ID), or to register for the Gateway ID. Those who have Gateway IDs, but have forgotten them can re-register. Registering or re-registering will lead to one getting a Gateway ID which one can then use to log on. Once you are logged on, fill in the required details to apply for online driving license renewal. DVLA normally delivers licenses applied for online within a week.

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