Earn a Dick’s Sporting Goods Survey Coupon

By just taking a few minutes to complete the questions in Dick’s Sporting Goods Survey, you instantly get a $10 coupon. This must surely be the easiest $10 you can ever earn anywhere. And the opportunity is open to you, if you bought any product(s) from Dick’s Sporting Goods (any of the chain’s outlets) recently, and if you still have the receipt with you. We will show you how to go about getting the instant $10 Dick’s Sporting Goods coupon.

What the Dick’s Sporting Goods Survey is all about

Dick’s Sporting Goods survey is all about giving your feedback, as a customer, to the management of Dick’s Sporting Goods. The company gives you an incentive to do so: through the $10 coupon that you get the moment you answer the last question in the survey. There are no sweepstakes in this case: anyone who gets to the end of the survey (and pretty much everyone who takes part in the survey should get to the end) instantly wins the $10 coupon. The questions are easy as easy as anything can be: as they are just aimed at eliciting your opinion about Dick’s Sporting Goods.

What you need before you can take part in Dick’s Sporting Goods Survey

You do need a computer, to take part in Dick’s Sporting Goods survey, as it is an online survey. The computer on which you are planning to take part in Dick’s Sporting Goods survey naturally needs to have a browser application running. The computer on which you are planning to take Dick’s Sporting Goods survey also needs to be properly connected to the Internet. Besides that, you need a recent Dick’s Sporting Goods receipt – as the initial part of the survey entails entering some things from the receipt, to show that you have recently shopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

What you stand to gain by taking part in Dick’s Sporting Goods Survey

You stand to gain a $10 coupon, which you can redeem the next time you go shopping in a Dick’s Sporting Goods store and buy products whose value is greater than $50.

Steps in Dick’s Sporting Goods Survey

Just visit the Dick’s Sporting Goods survey page (its URL is in our ‘useful links’ section). On Dick’s Sporting Goods survey page, enter the store number as indicated on the receipt you have, followed by the register and transaction numbers. After entering the date of the transaction and the amount of the transaction, click on the ‘start’ button, to initiate the survey. Answer the questions asked, and after the last question, you will have earned a $10 Dick’s Sporting Goods coupon for your next in-store purchase.

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