Book British Gas Annual Boiler Service

Nowadays, it is possible for British Gas customers to book the annual service visits online. The annual service visits in question normally involve British Gas engineers going to customers’ premises, to inspect the boilers. If the British Gas engineers find any issues requiring servicing in the customers’ boilers, then they carry out the necessary service work at this time. The annual service visits are normally 2 hour appointments. British Gas customers whose premises are due for the service visits normally receive ‘reminders’, via email or through letters.

An overview of the online booking system for British Gas annual service visits

The online booking system for British Gas annual service appointments enhances convenience for British Gas customers. The way the system works is such that the British Gas customers whose annual service visits are due receive reminders (via email or through letters), about the same. In the emails or letters carrying such reminders, there are 7-charater codes. These are the codes that the customers are supposed to enter on the website, when booking the appointments online. So, if you are a British Gas customer, and you receive such a notification, it is up to you to figure out when you can find a 2 hour slot to spare for the appointment. Then you go to the British Gas website, and book an appointment with a British Gas engineer, for that slot of time.

What you need to have, in order to book British Gas annual service visits online

To book British Gas annual service appointments online, you need to have the 7-character booking code. The said code is obtainable from the letter or email notifying/reminding you about the service visit that is due. To book online, you also need to be connected to the Internet.

How to go about booking British Gas annual service visits online

You start by launching the page on the British Gas website for service appointment bookings. Our ‘useful links’ section has the address/URL of the said British Gas annual service bookings webpage. Once there, you will see a space for you to enter the booking code, and another space for you to enter the post-code. Enter both details, then click on the ‘book now’ button. If you don’t have the code at hand, but you have a British Gas account, you can log in and book the appointment from there. To log in, simply click on the green ‘log in’ button, enter your email address and password, and then click on the ‘log in’ button. Take note that so long as you have the 7-character code, you don’t need to be logged in (or even to have an account), to book the appointment. But if you want to book the appointment, and you don’t have the 7-character code for one reason or another, then you need to log in, in order to book the appointment.

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