Win a Gift Card On Best Buy Cares Survey

Most of us would be attracted to the possibility of winning a $5,000 gift card which can be used to shop for consumer electronics products. Thankfully, there is a simple way for you to hedge your chances of winning such a gift card: by participating in the Best Buy Cares survey. So long as you have recently gone shopping in one of Best Buy Cares stores, and you have the shopping receipt with you, you can take part in the survey. You get a chance to take part in the survey, however little the value of the product(s) you bought.

An overview of Best Buy Cares survey

The Best Buy Cares Survey involves a series of simple questions, meant to be answered by people who recently shopped in any of Best Buy’s outlets. The questions touch on the service received in the stores, and on the products bought in the stores. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers to the questions: you just have to tell Best Buy what you think about the way they run their stores, the way they serve customers, the products they sell… and so on. The moment you complete the survey, you find that you have an entry into the Best Buy Cares survey sweepstake: which is where the possibility of winning a $5,000 Best Buy gift card comes in. Through the survey, Best Buy shows you that it cares about your opinion.

What you must have to participate in Best Buy Cares survey

The most important thing for you to have on your hands, when seeking to participate in Best Buy Cares survey, is your receipt: that is, the receipt you get when you buy a product, or a number of products, from Best Buy. Once you have such a receipt on your hands, and you are connected to the Internet, you can take part in Best Buy Cares survey straightaway. You do, of course, have to be in the United States (or in Puerto Rico), and you do need to have attained the age of majority, which is 18 years in most states.

What taking part in Best Buy Cares Survey entails

There are no complex processes involved in the Best Buy Cares Survey: you start by just going to the Best Buy Cares survey page (its address is provided here under the ‘useful links’ section below). Once you are there, you enter details from your receipt in the provided spaces. If you prefer Spanish as the language to take the survey, you click on the relevant radio button, to have the survey served to you in Spanish. Either way, you start by entering details from the Best Buy receipt, and then answering the other survey questions: something that you should be done with within a matter of minutes. If you are lucky in the sweepstake, the $5,000 Best Buy gift card could be yours.

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