Bank of America EDD Debit Card Activation

It is possible to activate a Bank of America EDD debit card online. The Bank of America EDD card in question is meant to be used by California state recipients of benefits, such as unemployment, disability and paid family leave benefits. The initials EDD stand for Employment Development Department: the agency that disburses ‘benefits’ in California. The scheme is one where the benefits funds are transferred (via direct deposit) to the EDD debit cards, by the Employment Development Department. Then, with the funds hence loaded onto the EDD debit cards, the recipients can withdraw them from ATMs. Alternatively, the benefits recipients can use the EDD cards to pay for things they need directly, without having to withdraw hard cash.

An overview of Bank of America EDD debit card

Nowadays, the agencies that are charged with the role of administering benefits prefer to disburse the funds by way of direct deposit. The benefits we are making reference to here include unemployment benefits and disability benefits. We are also looking at paid leave benefits. All these can be received via direct deposit into a debit card. And one of the debit cards that you can use in that regard is the Bank of America EDD (Employment Development Department) card. With a Bank of America EDD debit card, you get to receive your benefits the moment the benefits are disbursed to you: there is no question of ‘waiting for checks to mature’. With a Bank of America EDD debit card, you also get to enjoy the convenience of being able to pay for stuff directly using the card, without having to make use of cash. To further enhance convenience, Bank of America allows its customers to do EDD Debit card activation online.

What you need, in order to activate a Bank of America EDD debit card online

In order to activate a Bank of America EDD debit card online, you (obviously) need to have the card right in your hands. You also need to have access to the Internet.

How to go about activating a Bank of America EDD debit card online

You start by launching the Bank of America EDD debit card webpage. The address/URL for that page is given in our ‘useful links’ section. You can also get it by searching through a search engine. Once you are on that page, scan with your eyes, and you will see red text saying ‘Just received a card? Activate it and get started!’ Next to that text is a dark blue button labeled ‘Activate My Card’ – click on it. You will be taken to a page where you can start the EDD Debit Card activation process, by entering your card number. Enter all the required details, to complete the activation.

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