Order Bank of America Checks Online

As a Bank of America customer, you don’t have to go through the inconvenience of ordering for (or reordering for) checkbooks and deposit slips through the phone. It is possible for you to order or reorder the said checks and deposit slips online. Ordering or reordering for Bank of America checks online is patently more convenient than doing the same via phone. Furthermore, ordering or reordering Bank of America checks online is time saving – and it is something you can do anytime, anywhere. In that regard, it is unlike phone ordering which can only be done where you have access to a phone.

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An overview of Bank of America online check ordering system

Traditionally, bank customers seeking to get new checkbooks have always had to make the orders by phone. Then they’d have to wait for the checks to be mailed through the postal service. But the Bank of America has set up a system where its online banking customers can now order or reorder checks, as well as deposit slips, through the Internet. The checks or deposit slips still have to be delivered in the traditional way: but, at least, the inconvenient aspect of ordering by phone is done away with. People with personal accounts, as well as people operating small business accounts, can use that service.

What you need to have, in order to order for Bank of America checks online

Assuming that you already have a Bank of America checking or savings account, and you are already signed up for Bank of America online banking, then you only need to have Internet access, to order for checks online. Of course, your account needs to have enough funds to cater for the costs associated with the checks. If you already have a Bank of America checking or savings account, but you haven’t signed up for online banking, then you should do so, in order to be able to order for checks online.

How to go about ordering for Bank of America checks online

You start by going to the Bank of America website. The address/URL for that website is one of the resources availed in our ‘useful links’ section. Once you are on that website, sign in for online banking. Then once you are signed into your account, click on ‘help and support’, and then click on ‘common topics’ and then select ‘order checks or deposit slips/review order status’. Alternatively, go to the Bank of America check ordering FAQs webpage (address provided in our useful links section), and simply click on the ‘order checks now’ link.

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