Directgov Universal Jobmatch jobs and Skills Search

Previously known as Jobcenter Plus, Universal Jobmatch enables you to search for — and make applications for — jobs in Great Britain. Through Universal Jobmatch, you can also search for, and make applications for, jobs abroad. The jobs in question can be either part-time or full-time jobs. The way Directgov Universal Jobmatch is designed is such that you can customize your job searches to a very advanced/refined degree. And given the rather huge number of jobs posted on Directgov Universal Jobmatch, the probability of you actually getting a suitable job for yourself there is very high.

An overview of Directgov Universal Jobmatch

Directgov Universal Jobmatch is best described as a government-sponsored jobs board. Universal Jobmatch has been set up to replace what was previously known as Jobcenter Plus. Compared to Jobcenter Plus, Directgov Universal Jobmatch comes across as being much more sophisticated, and much more user-friendly. So user-friendly is Directgov Universal Jobmatch that you don’t actually have to set up an account to use it! You can search for jobs on it, even without an account. Still, having an account enables you to do much more using Universal Jobmatch. For instance, with an account, you are able to save job searches. With an account, you are able to create a profile, which makes it possible for actual matches to be made between you and jobs that are posted.

What you need to have, in order to use the Directgov Universal Jobmatch

To use the Directgov Universal Jobmatch service, you need to have access to the Internet.

How to go about using Directgov Universal Jobmatch to get a job

You have to start by launching the Directgov Universal Jobmatch website (the URL/ address to that website is given in our ‘useful links’ section). Once you are there, you can decide to start searching for jobs straightaway, or you can decide to first set up an account. Setting up an account, as we saw earlier, can be much more beneficial. You can start a search right at the homepage. That you do by entering the title of the job you are looking for, the town/locality where you’d want to work, and (optionally) the skills. You will then be given relevant results for that search. To read more about any particular job opening within the results page, click on the link for it. At the bottom of each job description that you can apply for, there is an orange button labeled ‘apply’. Click on that button, if you want to apply for the job, having read its description and requirements. You may be able to apply for the job on Directgov Universal Jobmatch website. Alternatively, you may be directed to various employers’ websites, to directly apply for the positions  there.

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