American Airlines Employee Login Access

Thanks to the American Airlines Jetnet website, American Airline employees and contractors can access information pertaining to their employment online. Through the said American Airlines Jetnet website, the employees can specifically access information about their paychecks, their benefits, their 401k plans, their stock plans and so on. The American Airlines Jetnet website in question can be best described as a self-service HR website. It is a website through which American Airline employees find information that they would otherwise have had to visit the Human Resources (HR) department offices to access. It is also a website through which the employees and contractors can do for themselves things that would have otherwise forced them to visit Human Resources (HR) offices.

An overview of the American Airlines Jetnet website

American Airlines has not been left behind in the trend where companies are setting up self-service HR portals for their employees. In American Airlines’ case, the employee website that has been set up is the one we are referring to as the ‘Jetnet’ website. Through it, employees can conveniently access information on paychecks, benefits, schedules, 401k plans, stock plans… and so on. This is information that would otherwise have forced the American Airlines employees and contractors to visit their HR offices, to access it. The employees and contractor can even change details like, say, for the family members to enjoy their benefits – right on the Jetnet website, without having to go to HR offices. So, the Jetnet website enhances convenience for the employees. It also unclogs the HR offices and possibly saves American Airlines from having to pay people to perform the functions that employees are able to perform for themselves on the self-service website.

What you need to have, to use the American Airlines Jetnet website

To use the American Airlines Jetnet website, you need to be connected to the Internet. You also need to have an account on the website. If you don’t have such an account, then you need to have your employee/contractor number, in order to register.

How to register in order to use the American Airlines Jetnet website

To register in order to use the American Airlines Jetnet website, you start by launching the website (its address is given in our ‘useful links’ section). Once you are on the American Airlines Jetnet website, click on the ‘help’ button, which is below the ‘Log in’ button. On the page that comes up, click on the ‘First time user registration’ link. Then start the registration process, by entering your employee/contractor number.

How to log into the American Airlines Jetnet website

If you have already registered to use the American Airlines Jetnet website, then launch the website and simply enter your user ID and password. Then click on the ‘log in’ button to access your account.

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