Participate in the Sephora Survey and Win a $250 Gift Card

sephora cosmetics

Sephora is one of those companies that are always on a quest to improve their products and services, in order to give their customers worthwhile experiences. To succeed in that quest, Sephora runs customer feedback surveys from time to time. By opting to take part in any one such Sephora survey (as a Sephora customer), […]

Participate in the Swiss Chalet Guest Satisfaction Survey

swiss chalet survey

Swiss Chalet endeavors to always provide great customer experiences. To be in a position to keep on getting ideas on how it can provide great customer experiences, the Swiss Chalet operates an online survey. That is a survey which you, as a Swiss Chalet customer, can take part in, to give the company feedback on […]

Staples Easy Rebate Online Submission

Staples easy rebate

Nowadays, it is possible to submit Staples rebates information online. Submitting Staples rebates information online saves you from the inconveniences associated with submitting the same information via mail. The (alternative) process of submitting rebates information via mail is indeed hassle-some: as it involves quite a bit of clipping, then preparing the information and then mailing. […]

Participate in the Chic-fil-A Customer Experience Survey For An Offer


Chic-fil-A places a premium on candid feedback from its customers. To make it easy for the customers to give it the candid feedback it needs to serve them better, Chic-fil-A has created an online survey. The survey in question is referred to as the Chic-fil-A customer experience survey. And to encourage many of its customers […]

Take Part in the IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey


IHOP endeavors to ensure that all the people who visit its restaurants get satisfactory food and satisfactory customer service. The only way that IHOP’s management can know whether these aspirations are being met is by asking the customers. That is, specifically, by asking the customers whether they find the food and customer service satisfactory. And […]

Register and Activate MyPanera Card to Get Rewards


Having obtained a MyPanera card, it would be a good idea for you to register and activate it online, in order to be in a position to receive rewards. MyPanera card initial registration is part of the process for joining Panera: a process which also culminates in one signing up for a MyPanera account. Once […]

Take Part in the Jack in the Box Guest Satisfaction Survey


Jack in the Box aspires to provide its customers with exceptional experiences every time the customers visit its outlets. To be able to do that, Jack in the Box obviously needs feedback and suggestions from the customers. And to get the feedback and suggestions from its customers, Jack in the Box runs a survey: namely […]

Participate in the Cheesecake Factory Guest Satisfaction Survey


Cheesecake Factory endeavors to always provide excellent food and outstanding service to all its customers. To be in a position to figure out whether or not it is succeeding at providing the excellent food and the outstanding service to its customers, Cheesecake Factory runs an online survey. You, as a person who recently visited a […]

Participate in the Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obsessed Survey and Win an Offer

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In order to elicit candid feedback from its customers, Checkers and Rally’s has put in place an online survey, known as the Checkers and Rally’s guest obsessed survey. People who pay visits to Checkers and Rally’s outlets get invitations to participate in the said survey, through which they (the customers) can pass on their candid […]