Take Part in Target Guest Satisfaction Survey

informtarget survey

Target invites people who have shopped at its stores to tell it about their visits. Thus, if you have shopped at a Target store within the last 72 hours, and you have received an invitation to the survey, it would really be a good idea for you to participate (in the InformTarget survey). Besides getting […]

Take Part in the Foot Locker Customer Satisfaction Survey and Get 10% Off

footlocker.com survey

Foot Locker, the popular shoes vendor, endeavors to elicit candid feedback from its customers, through surveys. By taking part in the Foot Locker customer satisfaction survey, you get a chance to give your candid feedback to Foot Locker, so as to ensure that your future shopping experiences there are even more positive. That’s not all: […]

Participate in the GameStop Sweepstakes

gamestop sweepstake

GameStop, the popular video games vendor, runs an online survey which is linked to sweepstakes. Those are sweepstakes where one stands a chance of winning a $100 Virtual GameStop gift card. The GameStop survey (which is linked to the sweepstake) is designed to help GameStop collect feedback from its customers, in order to keep on […]

Join in My Michaels Visit Survey

michaels survey

Michaels, the popular arts and crafts items vendor, is one of those companies that really appreciate candid feedback from their customers. For it to be able to get such candid feedback from its customers, Michaels runs a customer satisfaction survey. You can thus set aside just a few minutes of your time, to participate in […]

Take Part in the Gap Survey and Get 20% Off

gap survey

By taking part in the Gap Survey, and letting Gap (the apparel vendor) know about your shopping experience, you can get 20% off any ‘regularly priced’ item. The survey is simple, and should take no more than 10-15 minutes of your time. The 20% discount you stand to get, as a result of taking part […]

Take Part in the Walmart Survey and Win $1,000

Walmart endeavors to provide the best possible shopping experiences to its customers. To get feedback on how it can keep on improving its operations, in order to keep on providing the best possible shopping experiences, Walmart conducts surveys. Through those surveys, Walmart endeavors to know, directly from its customers, what they think about it, its […]

Join the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey For a Chance to Win $500

tacobell survey

Taco Bell, the popular fast food restaurants chain, runs an exciting web-based customer satisfaction survey, designed to elicit candid feedback from its customers. Taco Bell’s customer satisfaction survey is one of those in which most of the participants are directly invited. Thus, some of Taco Bell’s customers get receipts which turn out to have survey […]

Participate in the Tell Coles Survey and Get Rewarded

coles survey

The Coles supermarket chain cares a great deal about the opinions of its customers. To encourage its customers to give their candid opinions, the Coles supermarket chain has put in place a survey, known as the Tell Coles survey. That is a survey in which people who have shopped at Coles recently can participate. Coles […]

Take Part In the Safeway Customer Satisfaction Survey to Win a $100 Gift Card

safeway survey

Safeway, the American supermarket chain, runs a customer satisfaction survey online, aimed at collecting the most objective and candid feedback from its customers. Thus, as a Safeway customer, who has actually gone shopping there recently, you may be eligible to take part in the said Safeway customer satisfaction survey. For taking part in the Safeway […]

Participate in Chuck E. Cheese’s Survey to Join the Chuck E-Club

Chuck-E-Cheese feedback

Chuck E. Cheese’s aspires to provide fast and friendly service to people who patronize it. To be able to figure out whether or not it is living up to that aspiration, Chuck E. Cheese’s runs a survey designed to elicit feedback from the people who patronize it. The Chuck E. Cheese’s survey is unique in […]

Take Part in the Belk Customer Satisfaction Survey to Win a $500 Gift Card

belk survey

People who shop at Belk stores have an opportunity to later on share their views on things like their perceptions of the Belk stores and the merchandise sold by Belk, with Belk’s management. They can also share, with the Belk stores management, their views on the customer service offered by Belk stored staff. The way […]