Join the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey For a Chance to Win $500

tacobell survey

Taco Bell, the popular fast food restaurants chain, runs an exciting web-based customer satisfaction survey, designed to elicit candid feedback from its customers. Taco Bell’s customer satisfaction survey is one of those in which most of the participants are directly invited. Thus, some of Taco Bell’s customers get receipts which turn out to have survey […]

Participate in Chuck E. Cheese’s Survey to Join the Chuck E-Club

Chuck-E-Cheese feedback

Chuck E. Cheese’s aspires to provide fast and friendly service to people who patronize it. To be able to figure out whether or not it is living up to that aspiration, Chuck E. Cheese’s runs a survey designed to elicit feedback from the people who patronize it. The Chuck E. Cheese’s survey is unique in […]

Participate in the Chic-fil-A Customer Experience Survey For An Offer


Chic-fil-A places a premium on candid feedback from its customers. To make it easy for the customers to give it the candid feedback it needs to serve them better, Chic-fil-A has created an online survey. The survey in question is referred to as the Chic-fil-A customer experience survey. And to encourage many of its customers […]

Take Part in the IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey


IHOP endeavors to ensure that all the people who visit its restaurants get satisfactory food and satisfactory customer service. The only way that IHOP’s management can know whether these aspirations are being met is by asking the customers. That is, specifically, by asking the customers whether they find the food and customer service satisfactory. And […]

Join in My Starbucks Visit Survey

If you have recently been to one of Starbucks coffee outlets, and you kept the receipt, then you can use it to take part in the My Starbucks Visit survey. The survey is nowadays referred to as the Starbucks Customer Voice survey. That won’t be an exercise in futility: because when you take part in […]

Participate in AppleBee’s Guest Survey and Win Fantastic Prizes

By just taking your time to tell Apple Bees what you think about their customer service, you can earn Apple Bees survey sweepstakes entries. And if you are lucky enough, you can win amazing prices, including cash prizes of $1,000 and $500 as well as iPods, through the said Apple Bees Survey sweepstakes. An overview […]

Participate In Tell Subway Survey And Receive A Free Cookie

By taking a few minutes to answer the simple and straightforward questions in the Tell Subway survey, you get yourself a free cookie coupon, which you can redeem at a Subway sandwich outlet. Subway, as we all know, is a phenomenally successful food outlets chain. Part of Subway’s success is attributable to its well established […]

Take Part in Survey to Get a Burger King Coupon Code

Burger King runs a survey program, and all the customers who bother to take part in it get coupons, which they can redeem for Burger King meals. The survey shouldn’t take much of your time: as little as 5 minutes should be enough. And the Burger King coupon you get at the end of it […]