Join in the Joann Survey and Receive a 50% Off Coupon

joanns survey

Jo-Ann, the specialty crafts and fabrics retailer, endeavors to collect as much feedback from its customers as possible. In order to make the collection of such feedback efficient, Jo-Ann has set up an online survey, formally known as the Jo-Ann customer feedback survey. That is a survey which you, as a person who has recently […]

Join in Papa Murphy’s Survey Order Online


Papa Murphy’s, the popular take-and-bake Pizza company, has set up a customer feedback system online. That is a system which Papa Murphy’s uses to gauge the levels of its customers’ satisfaction. Papa Murphy’s also uses the survey to obtain candid feedback from its customers, in order to serve them better in the future. Thus you, […]

Participate in the HomeGoods Customer Satisfaction Survey to Win a $500 Gift Card

homegoods survey

HomeGoods, the home furnishing stores chain, runs a customer satisfaction survey, through which it aims to collect feedback from its customers. Thus, if you have recently shopped at one of HomeGoods’ outlets, you have a chance to participate in the said survey. If you take the trouble to participate in the HomeGoods customer satisfaction survey, […]

Join in Transitions Sweepstakes


If you have recently bought Transitions lenses, and obtained a Certificate of Authenticity, then you can use that certificate to enter the Transitions Certificate of Authenticity (COA) sweepstake. That is a sweepstake in which (for the 2015 edition of the promotion) you can win great prizes: ranging from $25 American Express gift cards, to the […]

Participate in the Canadian Tire Customer Satisfaction Survey

Canadian Tire Customer Satisfaction Survey

By taking a little time to participate in the Canadian Tire customer satisfaction survey, you stand a chance to win $1,000 on a daily basis. This is to say that, each day, one of the people who take part in the Canadian Tire customer satisfaction survey gets to win the daily prize of $1,000. And […]

Join in the AutoZone Cares Survey to Win $10,000


AutoZone is a remarkable company, in the sense that it takes feedback from its customers very seriously. Consequently, in a bid to get as much customer feedback as possible, AutoZone runs a customer satisfaction survey. That is a survey which you too, as an AutoZone customer, can take part in. The AutoZone Customer Satisfaction Survey […]

Take Part in the Payless Shoe Source Survey

payless survey

As a Payless ShoeSource customer, you have a chance to tell the company how much (or how little) you are satisfied with its products and customer service standards. That way, Payless ShoeSource can take steps to ensure that in future, you get an even better customer service experience, or that in future, you get even […]

Join in Food Lion Groceries Sweepstakes Survey

foodlion survey

By taking a few minutes to participate in the Food Lion customer survey, you will get an opportunity to tell Food Lion what you think about the way it operates. That way, you can nudge Food Lion into improving aspects of its operations that you find unsatisfactory, whilst also encouraging it to keep up with […]

Join in TESCO Customer Feedback Survey to Win a £1,000 Gift Card

tesco survey

Customer service is extremely important to TESCO. To ensure that it is getting customer service right, TESCO runs a guest satisfaction survey. That is a survey through which TESCO expects to hear about how well (or badly) it is doing, in terms of customer service, from its customers. And that is a survey that you, […]

Take Part in the ULTA Survey and Win a $500 Gift Card

ulta survey

ULTA, the popular cosmetics, fragrance and beauty gifts vendor, endeavors to provide positive experiences to all its customers. In order to be able to do that, ULTA goes to great lengths to obtain feedback from its customers: so as to be able to figure out how it can continually make their experiences ever more positive. […]

Participate in Aldo Shoes Survey For a 15% Off Coupon

aldo shoes

By setting aside 4 minutes of your time to take part in the Aldo Shoes survey, you get to earn a coupon code — through which you’d pay 15% less the next time you go shopping at an Aldo Shoes store. In the survey, you get to tell Aldo Shoes about the aspects of their […]

Take Part in the Rite Aid Survey Sweepstakes

rite aid survey

Rite Aid, the popular drugstore chain, runs a customer satisfaction survey, through which it tries to collect feedback about its customers’ experiences in its various outlets. The survey in question is formally referred to as the Rite Aid customer satisfaction survey. To motivate its customers into taking part in its online survey, Rite Aid has […]